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Leasing a horse on a monthly basis is available to current Abernathy Farm Lessons students. Students are required to take weekly lessons each month to be eligible to lease one of our lesson horses. Two lessons are included in the price of the lease! We offer a half lease where you have access to ride the horse 3 days per week.

When you lease a horse you are responsible for safely and correctly catching, grooming, tacking  and turning the horse back out when you are finished riding. Abernathy Farm is responsible for the horse's upkeep, regular vet, and farrier care.

Leasing options are available on a monthly basis. You can lease a horse for just one month or for as long as you like. This is a great option for parents who are worried their child may grow out of horses or adults with too many responsibilities to care for a horse full time

 Horses available for Lease:

Drifting Sadie Darla "Darla" is a Sooty Palomino, AQHA, mare. She stands 14.1 hands, which makes her a great size for children or  shorter adults. She is a perfect mount for beginner riders. She has shown and places well in hunter under saddle, jumping, and western pleasure classes. She also trail rides and loves to swim in the pond. She is easy to ride and very tolerant of beginner riders.

Half Lease $250

VF Golden Bid "Vegas" is a registered APHA, 15.0 hand, solid palomino mare. She is suitable for an intermediate rider with an independent seat and hands. She is suitable for western pleasure, hunter under saddle, and jumping. She is very comfortable at all 3 gaits. She was a vacation trail ride horse in Georgia before coming to Abernathy Farm.

Half Lease $250

Bells Tilley Riddle "Tilley" is a dark Chocolate, double registered Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain, mare. She is 15.1 hands. She is stocky enough to carry larger riders with ease. She can be ridden by a beginner. She is a great horse for trail or show. She is a laid back horse with a gentle demeanor.  Her good looks will get you noticed any where you go. She is naturally gaited and has a true Cadillac ride you can enjoy for hours.

 Half Lease $250


Patton is a 14.3 hand, bay, Quarter Horse, gelding.  He is a great trail, and lesson horse. He rides English, Western and is a great beginner game horse. He is very mellow and personable. He will even talk for treats! He can be ridden by beginners and is stocky enough to carry adults all day. He is a great trail horse and doesn't mind plodding through deep mud. He has great conformation and can excel in the show ring as well.

Half Lease $250

Ruby is a bay, Quarab, mare. She is best suited for a sensitive intermediate rider. She preforms best with women or easy going guys. She is currently running a 3-D barrel pattern. She is also doing well with pole bending and all the western games classes. She has taken lesson students to win a belt buckle and even a trophy saddle their first year competing her. She has plenty of speed when asked but will also collect and slow down. She has been shown Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, and Trail. She places well in open shows. She is also the horse many students learn to canter on because she is so easy to cue and has a beautiful rocking chair canter.

Half Lease $250

Rick-a-shay's Echo "Ricky" is a sorrel, registered Missouri Fox Trotter, gelding. He stands 15.1 hands and is stocky enough to carry larger riders with ease. He is one of the most popular horses on the farm because of his funny personality. He has a true trot along with being gaited. He also has the most comfortable rocking chair canter. He is a barn favorite because of his versatility. He has shown and places well in gaited, trail, and english classes. We have used him to rope and work cattle for fun. His true calling is trail riding and he has no problem leading or following on the trails. He crosses water, mud, bridges, etc. He has a lot of personality and is very fun to ride.

Half Lease $250


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