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(Shine) was a surprise colt, born on April 7th, 2015. His mother was bred before coming to Abernathy Farm and she hid her pregnancy the entire time. She was even placing at a show 3 days before he was born! No worries though, he is happy and healthy. He is growing like a weed and started stealing his momma's feed at 2 months old. He is very friendly and doesn't seem scared of anything. He was halter broke at 1 week old, broke to tie at 3 months old, and was trailer loading by himself at 4 months old. He is pictured at only 9 months old and already almost 13 hh. We can't wait to continue his training to eventually be a lesson horse at Abernathy Farm.


 SPF Georgia's Yellow Rose

(Sunshine) is a registered Kentucky Mountain Horse. She is also half Rocky Mountain Horse. She is gaited for that "Cadillac ride". She has been trail riding in GA, NC, SC, and VA. She is also used for pony parties because of her wonderful temperament. Sunshine is a Silver Buckskin, which means she is a buckskin but the Silver Mountain Horse gene has lightened her black points making her appear almost as pastel buckskin. She is a wonderful trail horse and has also competes in local shows in the gaited and trail classes. 

           Picture coming soon! 



 Rick-A-Shay's Echo

(Ricky) grew up cutting cattle in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. He made his trek to NC and finally came to reside at Abernathy Farm in 2006. He has a great handle, is gaited, and is a blast to ride. He has a canter very similar to a "big lick walker" but he requires no special shoeing to perform it. Ricky is a sorrel, Missouri Fox Trotter and he stands 15.1 hands. He is one of the stockiest horses on Abernathy Farm and can carry any sized rider. He is also the most personable and loves to make new friends everywhere he goes.




is a Bay, stock horse, gelding. He is owned by Abernathy Farm. He has a wonderful new outlook on life since coming to stay on Abernathy Farm as a lesson horse. He's been everything from a malnourished rescue horse to a therapeutic horse for the handicapped. He rides and shows English, Western. He is very personable and will talk to you for treats. He has been living here since December of 2013.


 Drifting Sadie Darla

(Darla) came to Abernathy Farm on Halloween 2015. She is a Driftwood bred, registered Quarter Horse mare. She is a chocolate palomino with amber colored eyes. She is 14.1 hands and stocky built. She is a great horse to learn to post on because she is slow legged and really lets you see and feel your diagonals. She travels with a naturally low head set and tracks up well making her an ideal mount for English or Western riding.


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 is a leopard Appaloosa gelding, born April 17, 2012. He came to live at Abernathy Farm in February of 2013. 



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Picture coming soon! 

 Bells Tilley Riddle

 (Tilley) is a 15.1 hand dark Chocolate, registered Rocky Mountain mare. She was born in, 2002. She came to live at Abernathy Farm in September of 2014. She is used for lessons, trail riding and as a gaited show horse.


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