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Abernathy Farm is dedicated to the memory of my Daddy, Leonard Ray Abernathy Jr. He is the one that saddled my horse for me when I was too little. He taught me to drive the tractor, to bush hog the fields, to put up fencing, and to hang gates. He taught me to drive and later how to haul the horse trailer. He went trail riding with me and watched my lessons (even when I was in my 20s). He was the best Daddy a little girl could ever ask for. Without him none of this would have been possible. I think of him every day. I hope to always make him proud.

Leonard Ray Abernathy Jr. 
1-30-57 to 12-10-07 
I miss you Daddy 
Lisa Marie


Special Memories

From Lisa:

From Sarah:

From Stacy:

From Jared:

Seeing your Daddy go through what he had to go through was the hardest
thing I ever had to deal with in my life. I've lost people that I
was close to, but nothing compares to losing your Daddy. I don't
claim for a minute that it was any where near as hard on me as it was on
you. But if there's nothing else that you need to know about me,
know that I loved that man dearly. I wanted nothing more than for him to
like me. I tried so hard to gain his approval. I would always try to listen when he wanted
to explain how to work on something. I tried to get to where I could
follow racing and watch the Barrett-Jackson auction so I'd have
something to talk to him about. I thought of him as my Daddy and wanted
him to be able to think of me as his son.
I want people to think that I'm strong, but I can admit that I'm nowhere near as strong as
you. It broke my heart that I couldn't be there with you everyday
to help deal with seeing him like that. I only wanted to be able to fix
things and tell you everything was gonna be alright. I want you to know
how proud I am of you and how much I admire your courage because I know
how much he meant to you and everyone else. When he was around, it
seemed like everything was right with the world and without him here, it
seems like nothing is right. I will never forget all the good times we had together. I sure do miss him.

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